Lauderdale Marine Center

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Lauderdale Marine Center is a upscale DIY yard in Fort Lauderdale offering a wide variety of contractors on site in a clean and professional environment.

“Lauderdale Marine Center is the largest marine facility in the United States. Our premier, all-inclusive, 50-acre complex will meet the needs of even the world’s most discerning yachtsmen, captains and crew.

This is a unique Ft Lauderdale marina. Here, you can chose your own contractor from our list of quality, approved craftsmen. Be it electronics, fiberglass, woodwork, welding — whatever repairs you need — at our Ft Lauderdale marina, you obtain the best price and service through competitive bidding, and contract with your chosen vendor directly. Need help choosing? Some of the most skilled craftsmen in Florida make their home at Lauderdale Marine Center.

Our facility has 19 covered buildings for fast yacht repairs in any weather. We can dock yachts up to 170 feet in length. Call (954) 713-0333 for more information.

Lauderdale Marine Center is situated in one of the best hurricane holes in South Florida. We’re located 4 miles up the New River, have two miles of floating docks, and a natural and man-made high barrier to the west. The abutting property and Route 95 provide a superior breakfront for westerly winds. Store your boat with us and have peace of mind.

One of the reasons that Lauderdale Marine Center has become the home away from home for so many luxury yachts and businesses from around the world is our full service country club feel. Our Captain’s Lounge, business meeting rooms, kitchen, wi-fi, television, and other luxury amenities make our facility a pleasant place to do business or relax.

Awarded the State of Florida’s Clean Marina designation in 2007, we care about the marine environment. We employ best management practices, provide pump-out hookups at each slip, and have a petroleum spill recovery plan, all which ensures Florida’s water resources are protected from potential harm.

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The travel lift and boats blocked at LMC
A panoramic shot of the travel lift and boats on the hard at LMC.

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  1. Lauderdale Marine Center is a great Fort Lauderdale solution for being in a proper yacht yard for dockage, but not paying the outrageous percentage fees on shipyard projects, charged by some of the other large shipyards in Fort Lauderdale.

    I have had many boats in the yard and they all came out with positive experiences of Lauderdale Marine Center. With all yards you will have bad experiences, often to blame on miss communications or expectations, but on the whole I think that LMC has their act together for dockage and shipyard work.

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